Jan 26, 2010

Starting up again

Soooo... It's been a long time since I wrote anything here. I've been busy busy busy lately, writing papers, abstracts and so.

Little summary of the last days:
o My mom and two cousins came for a visit in xmas time. This has been the coldest winter since I live here... and I heard it is the coldest since 15 years or so... then my tropical mom and cousins enjoyed a cooold xmas, full of snow (charming) and ice (slippery). :)
o Baby jesus gave me a little aquarium! :) :) :) Now I have some fishes at home, including 8 cardinal tetras (the blue and red little fishes in the photo), 1 hillstream loach (Igor, the one on the glass) and 2 snails (not in the pic). Actually, many other snails that came with some plants are happily reproducing and populating the tank. Not that bad.

And that is it. Again, I'll upload some photos (I've postpone that since june last year) and include a link around here.

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