Jun 26, 2007

Musical instruments

This photo was taken long time ago. There are the instruments we brought from Colombia (patria querida) in our first trip together. Wouter was very impressed with the quality of the instr. you can buy, and he thought about creating an importing bussines. From that now the memory is the only thing left.

Esta foto fue tomada hace mucho tiempo. En la mesa se ven los instrumentos musicales que trajimos de Colombia en nuestro primer viaje juntos. Wouter quería montar una empresa para importar instrumentos, pues le impresionó la calidad que se puede obtener con precios mas que razonables. La idea se fue con el tiempo.


Evidence's shown that my writting skills are not my high point. Also my PhD is suffering for this. Nevertheless, to try and keep alive (if it ever was) this blog, I decided to post photos once in a while, with a little comment. So here I start.

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