Apr 27, 2009

Spring photos

Lately I've got few time for uploading photos to this blog and to Picasa... Picasa's last album was 200805!! that's almost a year ago, and there are many many nice photos I would like to publish... Specially the last weeks I've been a bit crazy taking photos of the blooming trees and flowers during their spring wake up. Anyhow, I'll try to catch up. :)

Apr 21, 2009

Second paper accepted for publication

I got an e-mail from the editor of Med. Phys. saying: "I am pleased to inform you that your revised manuscript, referenced below, has been accepted for publication ...". without any "However" or "Nevertheless"!!! :) :D :D :)

Apr 15, 2009

The last flower before the summer sleep

It's a fact that my plant likes autumn and winter. Now it's preparing to sleep till next autumn, or as they say, it will take a long siesta... :)

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