Dec 21, 2010

Melting snow

Another photo from Muenster. :)

Photo taken last Saturday 18-12-2010.

Dec 19, 2010

Snow on branches

Today we were in Muenster, Germany. Charming little city!  :)   We took some pics. from the city, but what stole most of my attention were the trees and the snow on them. It has been snowing for quite a while, and the city was just like a xmas postcard.  Here one of the photos I liked the most.  Other photos can be see here.

Dec 15, 2010

Art within Interpolations

As it happens many times, I came across a beautiful image during my work. This is the difference between two interpolated CT images using different window functions (Lanczos and Welch) in a Windowed Sinc Interpolator. The cold areas indicate that the 'colors' of the resulting images were almost the same, while warm areas indicate larger differences.  In general you can see a kind of a grid, which is an aliasing effect (at least, that's my theory...).

Nov 29, 2010

Winter outlines

Some pics of frozen dew in the garden, taken yesterday around noon. :)

Happy winter! ;)

Oct 10, 2010

Willie Colon in Amsterdam

Last friday was Willie Colon performing in Amsterdam. W and me were there!
WOW! :)  :)  :)

Sep 6, 2010

Image filtering and a lion

Filtering some CT images (for my last project in my PhD), I came across some nice and "wise" face of a lion(?)

or here only the face:

PS: CT is a computed tomography. Let's say that it is a "picture" or the interior of, in this case, a human being.

Jul 4, 2010

Summer in the garden

A pair of damselflies (waterjuffer in dutch or caballitos del diablo, o libelulita in spanish).

A papaver (klaproos in dutch, amapola oblonga in spanish) in front of our pond.

Friendly bird

On the way to the office, we come across this guy often... He stands with its wings fully extended till its wings are dry (that's what we have heard). Any idea of the name of the bird?

World cup 2010

And the Netherlands is still on the game! It was amazing that they sent Brazil home. The whole country will be watching next match against Uruguay, the last south-american team.

Jun 25, 2010

Summer Leaves

Photo taken the day before yesterday on our way back home. I think it is a hazelnut tree. We have a little one in our garden, which I've intended to photograph.

>> Yes, the sky is overexposed... that was the idea ;)

Estaba la pájara pinta...

A photo of a bird and her/his food.. :)

Taken this morning (around 9h) close to the office. The bird was standing on a hedge for long time, till we came out of the car.

The title of the post is a child songs: Estaba la pájara pinta sentada en su verde limón, con el pico cortaba la rama, con la rama cortaba la flor. :)
So far in time and space...

May 25, 2010


Great weekend with friends. :)

Audrey, Carlos Vanegas, Sebastian, Eliana, Miguel. Wouter took the photo!

A ver pues cuando se repite!

Leaves and kids


Don't forget to look up! :) The silver edge of the leaves is produced by the strong sunlight.
Photo taken in the gardens of the Versailles palace, last weekend.

Kids reading

Photo taken last weekend in the metro of Paris.

May 13, 2010

Two weeks in Medellín

I went for 2 weeks to Medellín to be with my grandma and my mom for their birthdays.

Apr 20, 2010

Night photos

Last march 30th we took some photos of Rotterdam @ night. I chose water reflections as theme. For today, we had to chose the three best shots. Here I included another photo, the last, that is my first experiment with HDR.

Apr 14, 2010


Spring :)
Flowers of two cherry trees (??) and other blooming tree.


Spring is finally here! :) And to emphasize it, the bunnies are all around us. Amazingly enough, there are many bunnies around the hospital, close to my building. Yesterday I took some photos and here there are :).

Mar 30, 2010


And today, ladies and gentlemen, is my 30th birthday! :)
Hoy cumplo 30 años! no muchos, ni muy poquitos... justo los que son! :) :)

Feb 16, 2010


A new homework for photography class:
create a series of "my ...", where you could choose what the ... was.
o "My aquarium": the one I got for xmas. :) Taking these photos was not as easy as I thought. Auto focus did not work, then manual focus, and the fishes just swim all around: then lower iso (and its noise) and large aperture to get some decent photos. No wonder why so many snails found place in the photos! ;)
o "My garden (in winter)": we took some very dark and beautiful photos from the garden, using the super tele-lens.

Let's see what will be the next homework.

Feb 9, 2010


If you would live in one of the congas we've got at home, and W would come and play and hit and play, this is what you would see.

Jan 26, 2010

Starting up again

Soooo... It's been a long time since I wrote anything here. I've been busy busy busy lately, writing papers, abstracts and so.

Little summary of the last days:
o My mom and two cousins came for a visit in xmas time. This has been the coldest winter since I live here... and I heard it is the coldest since 15 years or so... then my tropical mom and cousins enjoyed a cooold xmas, full of snow (charming) and ice (slippery). :)
o Baby jesus gave me a little aquarium! :) :) :) Now I have some fishes at home, including 8 cardinal tetras (the blue and red little fishes in the photo), 1 hillstream loach (Igor, the one on the glass) and 2 snails (not in the pic). Actually, many other snails that came with some plants are happily reproducing and populating the tank. Not that bad.

And that is it. Again, I'll upload some photos (I've postpone that since june last year) and include a link around here.

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