Jul 14, 2008

Radio Kootwijk

We were visiting a friend of Wouter and his family this weekend in Apeldoorn.
The trip was very nice, we biked in the forests (some of which are Queen's propert), and saw more than 6 boars, a couple of shy deers and a huge building, that was a former radiostation -- Radio Kootwijk. It is an amazing building... it stands in the middle of nowhere, with heather fields around.

The radio-station was meant to connect the Netherlands to the colonies, specially to Indonesia. They found the perfect location for a long wave radio-station, built this huge building to house the equipment, and created a whole town for the workers. The antennas were almost as tall as the Eiffel tower (or approx. 7 times taller than this building). The bad part is that long wave became obsolete in a matter of years, and this phenomenal building passed to be part of the past...

Yesterday we were lucky to find it open, and we could sneak around for a while, and see an exposition of architectonic landscapes (triënnale?).

Very nice weekend, active biking and very interesting. Let's repeat it soon! ;)

Jul 8, 2008

Gray summer afternoon

from my office window. The whole day has been rainy and cloudy. That is what we call winter in my homeland.

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