Sep 20, 2007

Entre canibales...

Soda Stereo (long time ago) and their song "entre canibales" have been prowling around in my head the whole day, and I wonder why.

One image that keeps on coming is Roberto playing guitar, Jota playing clave, a girl --whose name I forgot-- and me "singing" entre canibales in Roberto's apartment some years ago in Karlshof. And then I realize that I miss going for coffee or chocolate with this friend of mine. Are you still around? how does it go with you?

Sep 19, 2007

Open Water Diver

Some weeks ago I got my open water diver lessons, and certification! :)

I'm pretty happy with it. :)
Diving seems to be a nice (although expensive) hobby... and it is the closest you can get to making my platonic dream true: To swim near to the bottom, surrounded by fishes and [here comes the platonic part] do not need air to keep going.

But diving proved itself to be more than I thought. It is not only to learn to breath from a tank (through your mouth), but also to get aware of water pressure, air density, nitrogen/oxygen and the way they affect you while underwater... and on top of that you need learn to float in mid-water (buoyancy) . It may sound simple, but kept me busy for most of my time underwater...

I learned here in Holland, to be more precise in Zeeland. The first dives were in the Bergsediepsluis (photo). The last 2 dives were in De Greveligen. It did not sound very appealing for me, at the beginning, to dive in this cold and muddy waters, but I was surprised to see so much life. Dicky (my instructor) dives very often in Zeeland, and she has very beautiful photos.

Anyway, I liked it! and liked it a lot!! :) and I'm looking forwards to go underwater again.

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