Aug 30, 2008

Aug 26, 2008


So... here I'm at home, with conjunctivitis. My eyes look pretty ok... not too pink and definitively not red as the ones of Wouter. It feels as if a grain of sand is permanently inside one of my eyes, and it is a big temptation to scratch (at least through the surface). The medicine that we got from our "house-doctor" (nothing to do with the series) is pretty oily, and blurs the world for about half an hour, and it also tastes awful (I get the flavor of the medicine in my mouth...). But anyhow, that it is all there is.
I hope that it will not last too much, and in the mean time I'll be working in the abstract of my never-ending paper, reading a couple of new articles and creating some artificial data to test the new "developments" we have in mind. All these at home, in half speed.

Aug 17, 2008

Aug 11, 2008

Endings and beginnings

I finished a long book that I was looking forward to read, but that disappointed me a little,
I finished a long game that I was sooo happy to play,
and I hope to finish my never-ending paper this week.

And I'm very happy to hear of the beginning of a little life in the home of a very good friend of mine!
and the arrival of another one in the home of my officemate. :)

Endings and beginnings all around!

Aug 9, 2008

Little bird

They are called gorrión in spanish, musje in dutch and sparrow in english.
Do you know their name in other languages?

It's not me, I'm a stranger

That was what this guy said to me! ;)

Aug 5, 2008

Yucas y W

in the market in the south of Rotterdam.
Yuca: 2.95 eur per kilo. Also Coconut and something else.

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