Oct 9, 2007

Butter cookies!

After the success of the cookies yesterday at my dutch lesson, I decided to write the recipe in english here. It comes from a spanish site Tus Recetas de Cocina.

If someone makes it, just let me know how they tasted!

Ingredients: 125g butter, 50g [refined/bastard in dutch] sugar and 170 g. flour.
how to make it:
  1. mix the flour, the sugar and the butter in a big bowl by hand till the mixture is soft and homogeneous.
  2. divide the mixture (dough) and give shape to the cookies. The recommended thickness is about half a centimeter.
  3. set the cookies on baking paper or in something with some flour (to avoid the cookies to stick)
  4. put the cookies in the oven for 15min. in 180 oC (or 350 oF)
  5. leave the cookies out of the oven for some time (to get them cold and crunchy!)
  6. eat them! :) or take some and invite for coffee or thee!
The dough I got in step 2, I divided in two parts, and I mixed one of them with cacao (those are the dark brown cookies). It is also recommended to use cinnamon or nuts or raisins.

May be I can translate this into Dutch, for the exercise.
:---------------------------------------) <-- that's my growing nose.

EDIT: I got another link to a very delicious recipe for cookies.

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