Apr 22, 2008

New discoveries on internet

Now that I'm working full time on a linux system, I had to find some alternative to keep on listening to music (Yahoo! launchcast and RCN cadena b´sica do not work anymore).

First I used Amarok to listen to my mp3s. The software is super, but after getting bored of repeating and repeating the same 123 songs, I looked for some radio-kind-of thing, and I listened to crappy shoutcast streams... never finding something that really suited me. And finally I found last.fm. There you can listen to lots of music from different artists. Although you don't have full control of what song to listen to (or at least I don't know how), you get +or- what you want! and you get to know new artists and groups...
I've been through old/new jazz, salsa, rock en espannol and more... and for free. (free as in free beer, not as in freedom).

After that I should check for more music from Madeleine Peyroux, Jack Johnson, Chet Baker and Regina Spektor...

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