Aug 26, 2008


So... here I'm at home, with conjunctivitis. My eyes look pretty ok... not too pink and definitively not red as the ones of Wouter. It feels as if a grain of sand is permanently inside one of my eyes, and it is a big temptation to scratch (at least through the surface). The medicine that we got from our "house-doctor" (nothing to do with the series) is pretty oily, and blurs the world for about half an hour, and it also tastes awful (I get the flavor of the medicine in my mouth...). But anyhow, that it is all there is.
I hope that it will not last too much, and in the mean time I'll be working in the abstract of my never-ending paper, reading a couple of new articles and creating some artificial data to test the new "developments" we have in mind. All these at home, in half speed.

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